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Thinking together

Working together and thinking together define the culture of the World of Minds. Organizations own a lot of valuable knowledge that is never utilised. Simply because the connection with the overall picture is missing. What seems to be a loose, meaningless piece of a jigsaw puzzle to one person may well be the final missing link for someone else. World of Minds puts all the pieces together.

Thinking and brainstorming together is not free of obligations. Organizations that are able to master the art of effectively working out creative solutions together can be more productive. They make good use the talents in their organisation and implicitly challenge their employees in a playful way to contribute to the maximum.

Experienced consultants get the desired dialogue going. They ensure that the right questions are asked and they facilitate the process. You are the expert in your own field. World of Minds helps you to see the relative context and to initiate actions. This way, your new-found insights will be anchored in the organization. Thinking together is also automatically learning together.

A workshop or course done together with World of Minds is sometimes a short intervention. Sometimes, however, we stay on board longer in order to develop new ideas together with you and to convert issues into solutions.

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Posted on September 2, 2010 at 12:29 PM

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