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Fusion of Minds

The first step in a new project or process is often brainstorming. Then, the raw data is enriched, clustered, structured, and milestones are named. In the new way of working, every participant is able to log in to the same website so that they are all looking at the same screen. By visualizing the brainstorming, via a mind-map, for example, or a process map on the PC, in such a way that each participant is able to directly add ideas online, a common picture is created. Moreover, participants are able to chat with each other online or have a discussion through a conference call (or ‘Voice Over IP, such as Skype). This way, it can be decided whether or not certain ideas are useful without the participants having to physically be in the same room (and having to get stuck in traffic).

The start of the brainstorming takes place in ‘free format’ or via a fixed model, a so-called ‘workflow’ or ‘template’ These templates are there for various ways of brainstorming, but also to quickly start a project immediately thereafter, as in the ‘Balanced Scorecard’ approach, the ‘One Page Strategy’ approach or a project management method such as PRINCE 2 or PMBOK. The start-up via a template can save considerable time and money. Fusion of Minds enables online brainstorming, free format or use of a template. After the brainstorming, the team is able to start working out the brainstorming in concrete action plans directly online (via Work of Minds) or locally via mind-mapping software (MindManager, for example).

Try Fusion of Minds for free
You may try Fusion of Minds free for one month, or even 3 months if you operate in a team of more than 5 people. The costs of a subsequent subscription are €20 ex VAT per person per year. Discount rates apply when purchasing for more than 100 people. These costs include the use of ten templates. It is also possible to enter into an email subscription and to follow a short online training course, enabling you to get going quickly (without getting stuck in traffic). Complete the form in order to get acquainted with Fusion of Minds today.

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Posted on September 3, 2010 at 11:03 AM

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