Vodafone prepaid in Vertrag umwandeln

sir my vodafone sim of delhi,i live in agra, i want to say in vodafone with postped ,what are the procedure for this.??? Hi ,I am Hiranmay mandal I want to convert my Airtel number from prepaid to postpaid.please call me….. Yes you can convert it to postpaid online. Kindly call airtel customer care to know the procedure. There is no need to write an application as such, you ca simply go down to any vodafone gallery, or put in a request online on their website. Hello the prepaid sim is registered with my dad name. Can I get it converted to postpaid with my proof or with my dad proof. How I will convert my prepaid idea connection of haryana in to postpaid idea , when I m in Jammu and Kashmir….???? Here’s a list of documents you will need to provide to get the SIM converted: 1. An NOC from your dad stating that he has given consent for the conversion. 2. His ID proof and Address proof 3. He will need to sign the form too. 4.

Along with this, he will need to give another letter stating the he has no objection to transferring the ownership of the SIM card to you. 5. along with this letter you will need to furnish ID proof and Address proof. 6. Any charges pertaining to your service provider for these services will apply. I hope this is helpful 🙂 i want to change my official reliance postpaid to personal prepaid connection. 1. Cancel your current contract and request immediate portability You should end your current plan in time, so that you don’t have to pay for two phone plans. Once you have cancelled the contract, you can take your phone number to other providers even 120 days before your contract actually ends. If your contract has already ended, you can take your number to another provider within 30 days after the termination date. If you cancel your contract, get the PAC code issued, but then do not manage to give your new network the code within 30 days, don`t worry – you can request a new PAC code from your old network.

Hello Ben, Just noticed that there is a fee for this. And it is 29.95 Euros. How should I pay this money? I found a similar form on vodafone internet and in that form I notice the following lines: Ich möchte die oben genannte CallYa-Rufnummer zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt zu einem anderen Anbieter von Telekommunikationsdienstleistungen mitnehmen. Ich verzichte gegenüber Vodafone auf die Bereitstellung von CallYa-Dienstleistungen ab der erfolgreichen Portierung der Rufnummer zum neuen Anbieter und bin damit einverstanden, dass der dieser Rufnummer zugrundeliegende CallYa-Vertrag zum selben Zeitpunkt endet. Sie können Ihre CallYa-Rufnummer nur unter diesen Voraussetzungen mitnehmen: • Die oben eingetragenen Daten müssen exakt mit den bei uns registrierten Daten übereinstimmen. • Es darf für die oben genannte Rufnummer kein Wechsel in einen Vodafone-Vertrag mit Mindestlaufzeit beauftragt sein. • Die Rufnummern-Mitnahme berechnen wir mit 29,95 Euro. Sie sorgen für ein ausreichendes Guthaben auf Ihrem CallYa-Konto, bis wir Ihre Verzichtserklärung bearbeitet und den Betrag abgebucht haben. Nach erfolgreicher Abbuchung bekommen Sie von uns eine Bestätigung per SMS auf Ihr Handy.

• Der Auftrag für die Mitnahme oben genannten Rufnummer muss vom neuen Anbieter an Vodafone übermittelt werden. Hey Laxmi Yes, you can transfer your mobile connection from Airtel prepaid to Airtel postpaid. Unfortunately, we will not be assist you right away as our mobile connection swithcing services are currently on hold. You can go ahead and initiate the transfer yourself by filling out a form and providing an ID proof and address proof along with 2 passport sized photographs in any Airtel Customer Relations Center around you 🙂 my name is k.chandra sekhar rao my no is 9666616956 iwant to convert to prepaid from postpaid as iam a retired employee. please inform the simplest proceedure at the earliest to enable me to follow the same immediately. Thanking u yrs faithfully chandra sekhar rao Alternatively give the network a ring and ask them. Or open up your network’s smartphone app, where you’ll typically find the information you need under ‘contract’.

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