Daniel H. Pink Introduction Right brain Rising The left side was crucial, or not? Our brains are divided into two halves A Whole New Mind 2) Abundance, Asia and Automation From 'knowledge workers' Reasons for shift: 1) Abundance Reasons for shift: 2) Asia Reasons for shift: 3) Automation To recap 3) High concept, high touch Think of the last 150 years as a three act drama Bij High concept / high-touch To survive in this age individuals and organizations have to ask themselves three questions How can we prepare ourselves for the Conceptual Age? Introducing the six senses 4 ) Design Design is a classic whole-minded aptitude Has become an essential aptitude for Design means business / business means design 'Good design can change the world' Exercises 5 ) Story ''Narrative imagining (a story) is the fundamental instrument of thought'' - Mark Turner (The literary Mind Throughout humanity 'story' had an important role in understanding the world as a pattern of experiences. Storytelling doesn't replace analytical thinking Facts Nowadays stories are not rated The essence of the aptitude of story Exercises Symphony 'Is the ability to put together the pieces' Today symphony is becoming an essential aptitude for a lot of people Seeing relationships The Big Picture Exercises Empathy Is the ability to Allows us to better understand each other Universal language that connects us Is largely about emotions It's not only a skill for surviving twenty-one-century labor market Impossible to Exercises Play The acceptance of laughter When you're playful, you're activating your right side of your brain Is becoming an important part of 1) (video)Games 2) Humor 3) Joyfulness Exercises Meaning Man's search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl (1984) Our fundamental drive that powers human existence is the pursuit of meaning 21th century Has become a central aspect of our work and our lives Exercises Afterword