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Welcome to the instruction website to learn the basics of mind (visual) mapping
Our objective is to help you decide wheather or not to invest time in learning mind (and visual) mapping. Check out  this mind map abstract why Daniel Pink (and many other authors) think you should. If you need some help convincing others please ask for our 'Whole Brain Thinking presentation', a tailor made webinar or a classroom training. 
Good luck and have fun,
Jerre Lubberts
How to view the information on this site:
- You can browse the mindmap via the branches. The first one starts at 1 o'clock (upper right). The order of the branches is clockwise.
- When your cursor moves over a branche and a 'little hand' appears instead of the cursor arrow, the branchtopic is clickable. You could also use the 'previous' and 'next' buttons on top of the page to navigate through this mind map website.
- The return button in your browser or on your keyboard ( <--- ) allows you to navigate to the previous page/level of the mindmap.
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Sources: Tony Buzan - Use your head, Daniel Pink - A Whole New Mind, Robert E. Horn - Visual Language, Heath Brothers - Switch, Jill Bolte Taylor - My Stroke of Insight and more. Ask for our mind map abstracts of these authors.
Please note: the design of this map was made using MindMeister in an on-line collaboration effort of all AcademyOfMinds and aHa!Coaching trainers. Than we exported the MindMeister mind map to MindManager and used the  aHa!Visual web export to automatically generate a mind map web website.
Please help us: We very much appreciate your help in improving this website. Please let us know your feedback! Thanks!