Nieuwe samenwerking: Joaquim de Witte van Synmind

Om onze kennis en kunde op het gebied van complexiteit in kaart brengen verder uit te breiden werken we samen met verschillende partner. Zo ook Joaquim de Witte van het bedrijf Synmind. Zij zijn gespecialiseerd in het dynamisch maken van systeem modellen. Een korte introductie:


The interaction of countless variables and values determining the challenges of our society lead to policy problems of unprecedented complexity.

Kate Raworth’s famous Doughnut Model beautifully illustrates the delicate balancing of interacting human demands between social foundations on the one hand and critical ecological constraints on the other.

Meeting these balancing challenges requires piecemeal policy developments, periodically adjusting objectives and actions to accommodate unexpected developments and progressive insights. Hence transitions towards a sustainable society require continuous learning processes.

Synmind supports these learning processes by means of system dynamic modelling. Our models are not supposed to be the digital twins of real-life systems, let alone blueprints of the future, but provide insight in the logical structures and plausible dynamics of systems.  Effective participation of relevant stakeholders in the model building process as well as model-based scenario analyses will not only enhance joint learning processes but also joint commitment with resulting policies.

Synmind highly values collaboration with World of Minds because of their impressive experience with moderating groupwise stakeholder sessions focused on systemic analysis of complex issues. 


Hieronder een voorbeeld van een systeem model:


Posted on 31 juli 2022 in Samenwerking

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